Respect me. Don't sext me

The "Respect me. Don't sext me" sexting education pack is designed for Australian schools to deliver to 11 - 14 year olds.

The materials in this pack are designed for use during unscheduled times, for running short activities and as discussion aids. This pack is a resource and is not intended to be curriculum content.

Schools may wish to inform parents that this material will be delivered to students as part of the physical, personal and social learning curriculum, and that it is hoped that these materials will help students to make positive decisions about their lifestyle and use of technology, taking into account the values of the family, school and culture to which they belong.

Interactive games

The games in this pack are designed for the students to pretend that this situation could be occurring to them or their close friends, allowing the students to experience firsthand, albeit in a safe environment, what the effects could be on someone who sends a sext or on someone who is forced or pressured into sending a sext. Thus, allowing students to learn about sexting and cyber safety through active classroom participation and from hearing the views and opinions from their peers, which is often the information students will listen to and take more seriously.

Pack includes:

1 Poster

4 Story Cards with questions


“Dicing With Danger” board game

“Sexting Fast Forward” board game

Fortune Teller/Chatterbox activity sheet

Teacher’s Resource with activities and background information about sexting

Sexting information sheet for parents

Sexting information sheet for students.

South Eastern CASA
Activity/Education Pack
11 - 14 years
Item number: G323

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