Sexts, Texts and Selfies: How to keep your children safe in the digital space

Soon enough, every parent will have to discuss online safety with their children.

This book is your salvation.  It helps you understand and connect with your child's online world, and guide them safely through it.  Widely regarded as Australia's first cyber cop, cyber-safety expert Susan McLean shows you how to :

  • establish good online habits
  • set time restrictions and boundaries
  • identify good apps and bad apps
  • deal with cyber bullying
  • work out who to 'friend' and 'unfriend'
  • manage your child's digital reputation

Filled with case studies about what children get up to online and the latest research, Susan's advice is firm but fair.  With her clear guidelines, parents can allow their children to embrace and enjoy technology, without the stress or worry.

Susan McLean
Item number: A113