A Collection of Our Satisfied Clients


"The Protective Behaviours Training is the most valuable training I have ever undertaken.  It is so important to teach everyone, but especially students with Special Needs.  This year I am really fortunate to be going throughout the whole school teaching what we are calling Protective Education.  The last few years I have been teaching it to the senior students  but since the beginning of this year I go into every class.  The training I got from you and Justine has been invaluable. I also use lots of the resources I have bought from Protective Behaviours WA.  Thank you to you and all those who work with you."



August 2016 - Over 60 preschool teachers and assistants from the Latrobe Valley, Victoria attend a Protective Behaviours WA Professional Workshop. They have left the workshop feeling empowered and equipped to start implementing child abuse prevention PB programs in their classrooms. Thank you all for making the world a safer place!

'Excellent session - thank you for explaining the best way of incorporating this into programming and everyday situations' Rebecca

'Great balance of information and practical teaching ideas with resources.' Kate

'Fabulous content, excellent presentation, inspirational in wanting to make a difference.' Kez

This would be my favourite and most useful and knowledgeable training' Kelly


September 2016 - Cybersafety Parent workshop (2 hours)

“It was Fantastic. Really informative and PBWA facilitator was such a dynamic presenter. Her passion for this topic is very obvious. The early education and explicit teaching of the topics discussed is something I strongly believe in. I learnt heaps and have even bought in a few extra rules and had more discussions with my girls - much to their irritation at yet another one of those talks. I figure I can live with teenage angst much better than  could ever live with one of them making such a bad decision that it impacts their lives forever. Really hoping PBWA facilitator can come down again and speak to all of the students in all schools, and run more parent workshops in between.”

“PBWA facilitator - you were a dynamic presenter, so real and honest. Thank you so much for your time and insight”

“I have attended two sessions with PBWA facilitator these past two days. Her presentation is excellent!”

“PBWA facilitator was extremely well informed, spoke in a very easily understood manner. FANTASTIC!”

“Excellent presenter - very easy to listen to - such an important subject - vital!!”

“Brilliant facilitator - very informative and approachable.”